New York City


The Metropolitan New York Baptist Association (MNYBA) is a family churches of diverse sizes, ethnicities, languages, and contexts that cooperate together to make disciples of all people. These churches meet in apartments, public schools, warehouses, renovated office space, rented facilities and various church buildings in a 75-mile radius from Times Square, a region of 22+ million people.


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MNYBA connects local churches for global impact by planting culturally and contextually appropriate New Testament Churches, raising up biblically trained, Kingdom minded leaders, equipping churches to meet the spiritual, physical, social need of people. We network with global partners to provide resources for evangelism, church planting, community ministry and volunteer missions.

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God, who longs to draw New Yorkers and the nations to His Son through His Spirit. Pastors and Church leaders living out their calling in Metro NYC. Local missionaries who raise their own support to serve here. Churches and volunteers from around the country who want to be involved in the mission of God in Metro NYC. The City, which is not the scary, unwelcoming and unreceptive place many imagine it to be


We see MNYBA...

  • A catalyst for global church planting
  • A conduit for providing resources to local churches to accomplish their God-given mission
  • A mobilizer for cooperative ministry in our region
  • A channel through which believers can be on mission across the globe
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